Architect solutions


  • Designing systems that work
  • Research the problems
  • Create the requirements documents
  • Conversion of the requirements into an architecture and design
  • Creating the detailed project plans
  • Developing clear architecture documentation for developers and team leads


VoIP solutions


  • Custom VoIP servers and applications development (Asterisk/Kamailio)
  • PSTN/DECT/SIP/Skype/Google Voice PBX’es and Gateways
  • Voice Autoresponders (Skype/Google Voice/SIP)
  • Chat and SMS Gateways and Autoresponders (Skype/Google Voice/SIP)
  • Automated SMS processing centres (Notifications, Query/Consult/Support Centres)
  • Automated Voice information systems (IVR’s, Audio Billing Centres, Quizzes, Polls, Speech Synthesis)
  • Custom Call Centres development
  • Audio conference solutions
  • Aastra IP phones custom XML applications
  • TTS engines (Nuance Vocalizer/RealSpeak)
  • WebRTC (legacy SIP gateways)
  • Custom VoIP devices development (SIP phones/RTP Multicast)


Software solutions


  • Wide range of the Unix/Linux distributions, servers and applications (Create/Develop/Customize/Support)
  • Linux device drivers development, including RealTime (Xenomai/RTDM)
  • Multiplatform (AVR/ARM/AVR32/NIOS/SPARC/MIPS/PPC/X86/X86_64)
  • POSIX standard applications development
  • Multi-Threaded and concurrent applications (Pthreads/OpenMP)
  • HPC and hardware accelerated applications (FPGA boards/OpenCL/WebCL), Tick-to-Trade/HFT (Solarflare Stratix V)
  • Cluster, Distributed, High Load and High Availability applications
  • Soft/Hard Real-Time applications (RT-Linux/RTAI/Adeos/Xenomai)
  • SQL Databases (OrientDB/NuoDB/Postgres/FireBird/MySQL)
  • RPC, Web services, Ajax, WebSockets (XML-RPC/JSON/SOAP/WSDL/Apache WSO2/Sencha/ExtJS)
  • VPS, Virtual machines (Qemu/KVM/VMWare/VirtualBox)
  • Networking, Firewalls, Custom network security applications (SSL/TLS/”Black Hole” servers/Networks protection/Security monitoring/TFA)
  • Crypto applications (data protection/encryption/steganography/secure access/etc.)
  • Low-level Mobile development (Android/iOS)
  • Reverse engineering (IDA/SoftICE/OllyDBG/GDB/Strace/SystemTap/Ftrace/Tracepoints)


Hardware solutions


  • Customer research projects (R & D)
  • Full device schematic, PCB and 3D models creation
  • MCU firmware development (ARM/AVR/STM32/NIOS/MIPS)
  • JTAG development (Bootstraps/Flashing from bare metal/Debug)
  • Embedded development, IoT, IIoT (Ethernet/SSC/RS232/PCI/DMA/USB/CAN/I2C/1-WIRE/LCD/ADC/DAC/PIO)
  • CPLD, FPGA, complex SoC development (Altera/NIOS, Xilinx/Microblaze)
  • DSP applications development (TI C67x/FPGA)
  • C-to-FPGA accelerators (Nios C2H/Handel-C/Mentor Catapult)