14 Dec

The project is not available for free anymore. Contact privately if you really want to purchase it.



05 Jun

The original Skype for Asterisk (SFA) allows reading the chat messages only from particular user which can be unacceptable if you have thousands of them. The SkypeChatd daemon allows the Asterisk to catch all incoming Skype chat messages from any user and forwards them by Email with some additional AutoResponder job. As usual – enjoy the opensource :

md5sum: 9893d51de24b3ecdaa2422078721e8ab

P.S. Seems like SkypeChatSend manager commang has bug in some S4A versions – it never returns because of the missed astman_send_ack() call ;)


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WebCL example

05 Jun

ExtJS example of using the WebCL. You need the WebCL enabled browser – for the time of writing this is FireFox 4.x with Nokia webcl-1.0.xpi installed.


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Experimenting with 3D in the Web

28 May

Imagine the e-shop or some social engine developed with this technology …


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SpyGroup application

22 Jan

Asterisk application is published as open source project – Enjoy ;)

The SpyGroup Web UI is available as commercial addon :

SpyGroup Web UI


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Initial commit

06 Nov

The company website has been launched


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